Fracture Mechanics Summer School, June 9-11, 2019
Following the editions in Trieste and Udine, an IGF summer school will be organized in Catania, with four leading scientists presenting different issues in the field of fracture mechanics and fatigue The summer school is mainly aimed at PhD students, young researchers and engineers, but is naturally open to everybody. Participants will become acquainted with fundamental aspects, modelling and practical applications of fracture mechanics and fatigue. Details will be soon published in this page.

Reinhard Pippan 

Filippo Berto

Fracture mechanics at nano- and micro scale


Lecture: Numerical modelling of fracture processes in geomaterials: smeared and discrete approaches

Lecture: Local approaches for design against fracture and fatigue


Summer School Secretariat:

Giacomo Risitano   
Università di Messina
Department of Engineering
Contrada Di Dio, 98166 - Messina (Italy)
Tel.: +390903977572
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